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Discover the Power of Now: A Transformative Audio Course for Enhanced Well-Being

8 - Weeks of scientifically backed training in awareness, self-discovery, and stress reduction.

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Decrease Stress, Improve Focus, and get Healthier in 8 Weeks

Scientifically Proven to improve well being.

Multiple studies have shown that the mindfulness based stress reduction course works.

- Dr. Tom Rountree DO 

A Better Solution 

One of the main problems with most online mindfulness-based-stress-reduction courses is the price.  Moments has been priced to be affordable for everyone. Nonetheless, Moments is distinct in approach.

This program tackles a fundamental life question: how can one manage and interpret the seemingly random good and bad thoughts that arise in our mind? It is designed to significantly alter this interaction with ourselves.

This should not be taken lightly. Everything discussed in this course is extremely important.

The optimal time to start is now, regardless of age.

You don't Just Listen, You Create


Throughout the course you will document and discover the depth of your inner self, personal experiences, and interpretations of life.  

Forever redefining the way you think about thinking.









"Discover Points of Rich and Engaging Awareness"


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Week 1

Exploring Mindfulness

  • Life and Play
  • Reflecting in this Moment
  • The Body Scan - Why we Do It
  • Meditation Practice:¬†The Body Scan
  • Mindfulness Exercise: Eating with Intention
Week 2

How we perceive the World and Ourselves

  • The Lens we Use when Looking at Events
  • Dealing with¬†Difficult Unchangeable Situations
  • Cultivating Friendliness Toward Ourselves
  • Meditation Practice:¬†The Mindful Seeing Exercise
  • Mindfulness Exercise:¬†Stabilizing with the Breath
Week 3

Accepting Our Own Body

  • Bridging Yoga and Meditation
  • Facilitating¬†Meditation with Enjoyable Exercise
  • Discovering Painful Boundaries
  • Meditation Practice:¬†10 Minute Body Scan
  • Mindfulness Exercise: Simple Chair¬†Yoga
Week 4

Understanding Stress

  • The Effect of Stress on Our Body
  • Understand Positive vs. Negative Stress
  • Leaning¬†toward the emotional stress response
  • Meditation¬†Practice:¬†The Breathing Space
  • Mindful Practice:¬†Utilizing the S.T.O.P. Method
Week 5

Reaction or Mindful Response

  • Reflective Writing and Purposeful Planning
  • Locating the Emotional Response on Your Body
  • Choiceless Awareness: Viewing thoughts
  • Meditation Practice:¬†Mindful Hearing
  • Mindful Exercise:¬†Reactionary Journaling
Week 6

Mindful Communication

  • Shifting to Non-Violent Communication
  • Role Playing to Strengthen Self-Awareness
  • Journaling Difficult Communication
  • Meditation Practice:¬†20 Minute Body Scan
  • Mindful Exercise:¬†Dynamic Paired¬†Communication
Week 7

Taking Care of Ourselves

  • Actively "stepping-up" for ourselves
  • Becoming conscious of external inputs
  • Triggers to Eating and Toxic Substances
  • Mindfulness¬†Exercise:¬†Accepting Change
  • Meditation Practice:¬†Seeing thoughts as thoughts
Week 8

Looking Back, Going Forward

  • Becoming our own best Friend
  • Radical Honesty through Self Inquiry
  • Keeping the Flame Burning
  • Mindfulness Exercise:¬†Mindful Walking or Yoga
  • Meditation Practice:¬†The Mountain

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