Moments | Audio Course

Get ACCESS to the 8-Week Mindfulness Stress Reduction Audio Course

  • Mindfulness Training covering introductory meditation, yoga, communication, and nonjudgmental awareness.
  • High Quality Meditation Recordings that you have access to on-the-go even after the class ends.
  • A Broader Awareness to Your Emotional Reactions allowing you to cope better with catastrophic changes in life.
  • Increased Compassion for yourself, your family, and others in the Human Situation.
  • Emotional Trigger awareness and better understanding of stress-amplifying thoughts. 


This course is not suitable for those who are actively addicted to a substance or in a state of acute depression. It is also contraindicated for those with serious psychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia and psychosis. Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment , and others suffering from severe physical symptoms, may find a mindfulness course too physically taxing during their treatment phase.

Please also note this does not constitute a doctor to patient relationship and does not allow access to Clear Health Medical Services.

$97.00 USD

45 minutes of mindful coaching with Dr. Tom Rountree.