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Three Easy Steps in our Expert Evaluation Process

Screening Evaluation

We use the Conner's 4th Edition evaluation form that parents & teacher fill out prior to the our visit. This allows us to gather loads of information about what is being seen at school and at home. We are able to get a full picture view of your child's strengths & challenges so we can put a plan in place to improve things.

Parent Discussion

 It can be tricky to share in front of your child so we have dedicated time set aside to discuss things openly without the worry of your child hearing & internalizing what's discussed. We make it a priority to learn everything we can to guide our discussion and plan while preserving your child's dignity & self-confidence.

Parent + Child Discussion and Plan

After assessing your child's strengths and challenges at home, we collaborate with both parent and child to develop a goal-oriented plan aimed at enhancing attention and focus. By involving your child in the process, we boost motivation for improving their performance at home and school.

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