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Family Care

At Clear Health Medical we provide all types of family care from children to adults and the elderly. Everyone receives the same great hight quality care. Including same or next day appointments, their doctors cell phone number, night and weekend urgent availability, whole-sale medications, at-cost + 1$ labs, and up to an hour long visit. 

Children and parents especially benefit from our no-wait waiting room. Instead of building up their little tornados children can be seen within zero to five minutes. Then mom gets a chance to sit with the doctor for an hour and ask any type of question. Due to our unique model of care you get a happy doctor that interacts with your children in a friendly manner. Plus, we can treat them well into their adolescent years. Providing care through a lifestyle medicine path to establish good habits easy on. We can see them for well child checks, vision and hearing screenings, colds, strep-throat, minor lacerations and so much more.

Young Adults are already under a lot of pressure whether they are at college or creating their future in the work force. Telemedicine visits ease the burden and can allow for treatment of anxiety, depression, insomnia, and many other psychological stressors. Plus our low cost children membership stays with them until they are twenty one. They get to see a friendly face that they might have known for years on the other end of the video visit. Getting in touch easily through texting also allows for discussion of avoiding toxic substances like alcohol and smoking, another tenet of lifestyle medicine.

As we get older we start to have different concerns about our own health and how we can maintain our health well into the rest of our lifetime. Discussing preventive care like colonoscopies, mammograms, weight maintenance, and keeping a handle on our nutrition and exercise as we deal with family life. Balancing the care of our children or relationship with our spouse while keeping ourselves healthy is very challenging. Understanding mindfulness based stress reduction techniques for the whole family can help to relieve the burden, narrow your focus into what really matters, and get you through difficult transitions.

The promise of the "golden years" can fall short when health is not considered throughout an individuals lifetime. This is why we offer a lifestyle medicine track to help teach the six principles that may not have been taught to our patients in the past. For really complicated concerns we have the time to call specialists and coordinate care with hospital doctors so you're not alone in our confusing world of healthcare. Helping to guide you along the way makes us happy and strengthens the bond between your doctor and you.


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